How to Change & Edit A Background In Photoshop CC

Helloe friends, today we are learning about how to change & edit a background in photoshop cc. By background changing we can add any background or image in photoshop.

The best way to change the background in Photoshop by using selection tool or pen tool.

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In this tutorial, we’ll be using the pen tool.

So we are getting started.

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Step 1- Select The Image With Pen Tool

Select the area of image or object which you want to remove by using pen tool or quick selection tool.

After the selection by press Ctrl + Enter on Windows and gives feather by pressing Shift F6.

Step 2- Delete The Background Of Image

After the selection of image press Delete button and remove the background.

Step 3-Add New Background

After deleting background,copy a new background by pressing Ctrl+C and Paste on main image.

Step 4: Match the Colors

The last step is to match the colors to the background.

Select the background or image layer and go to Image > Adjustments > Match Color.

Step 5-We Have Done

After the the process we have done it.

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