How Do You Set Kelvin On A Camera?

Kelvin is also called as white balance.

It is very important to understand the setting of white balance in digital camera.

Without proper setting of white balance we cannot take proper colorful photos.

Poor lighting, proper setup makes it very difficult to set in white balance and it takes a lot of editing.

Professional photographers set proper white balance and click photos.

So today we will see white balance which is also called kelvin mode in this tutorial. So be ready to learn kelvin mode.

What is Kelvin?

Kelvin is used only for measuring temperature and in photography but Kelvin mode is used to measure color temperature .
In photography, kelvin mode is normally measured from 2000 K (K = kelvin). But when we edit that photo in lightroom or photoshop, its value is up to 50,000 K.
Normally a photographer can shoot properly from 4900 K to 75000 K.
It’s very easy if you don’t know this before then stick with us. I will teach you a lot like that.

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How To set Kelvin In Camera?

Kelvin Scale

In the above image if you see properly, in that image you will notice that the temperature if light is nearly negligible as 2000 K (but in image it given 4500 K just ignore it.)
The low scale of Kelvin temperature is 2000 K.
If we increase the Kelvin scale it get become converted to yellow color which given in image.
If you are shooting in low light and if you want proper skin tone then you should keep 5900 K to 7900 K with kelvin.
And if you are shooting in the sun without any external light, keep the kelvin scale above 5500 k for best results.

For a hot( increase temperature) color, set K higher than the color of the light.

For a cooler(decrease temperature) color, set K lower than the color of the light.

For a neutral color, set K to the color of the light.

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