How Do You Blur The Background With A Canon DSLR?

Photographs with blurry and soft background are make the subject stand out and beautiful.
So today in this tutorial we will explain how to click blurry photos.
These blur background photos look great in portrait, micro photo and low light photography.
If you want to do good photography, watch our complete tutorial.

Some Important Setting For Blur Background Photos.


Aperture is also called as f-value.
If we increase the f-value of aperture it allow more less lights to reach camera sensors.
On other side if we decrease f-value of aperture it allow more lights to reach camera sensors.
So for more blurry photos take the less f-value of camera.

Shutter speeds-

In low light with external flash,set the shutter speeds nearly 160 above .
According to light please change the shutter speeds.


Set the ISO according to light.
But don’t increase it above 600.

Using a wide angle aperture and moving close to zooming in on your subject you can get more depth of field.

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Use CA (Creative Auto mode)

In the <CA> mode, you can set the Extra Effect Shot,Drive/self-timer mode, Ambience-based shots,Background blur, and Flash firing functions before shooting.

When you use <CA> mode, you can take a picture with the subject’s background blurred.

Using a low focal lens for a good blur background photo gives good results.

For best lens for blurry background photos.
Canon 50 mm f/1.8
Canon 50 mm f/2.8
Canon 85 mm f/1.8
Canon 70-200 mm f/2.8
Canon 35 mm f/1.8
Canon 24 mm f/2.8

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